Dial Tone Communications

We put the world at your finger tips!

We can upgrade your legacy system or install a new system to take advantage of SIP Trunking and VoIP calling. Bring your voice communications into the future with Dial Tone Communications!

Office Communication Systems

IP Softphone

IP Softphones

Turn your PC into a phone system extension that goes wherever you go

  • Stay connected without long distance charges
  • Click and call using your PC mouse
  • Take your KX-NSXXXX systems features anywhere

IP Soft-phone is easy-to-install software

The Panasonic IP Soft-phone converts digital voice into standard RTP*/IP packets, which are then transmitted over a TCP/IP network.
*RTP = Real Time Protocol

Increase flexibility

Turns any laptop or desktop PC into an extension of your KX-NS1000  or KX-NS700 phone system.

IP Soft Phone Supports Mobility
  • Stay connected without long distance charges
  • View messages, caller ID and more with a real-time display of your phone
  • Maintain the best communication with excellent voice quality
  • Efficiently navigate phone features with your PC controls